Felix P. Weschitz founder of Paul Parts
small parts, consumables for Oldtimer-restaurations
As my own experience showed me there are always the small parts which are missing on saturday afternoon. This are the parts which you cannot get at the supermarket around the corner.
In really stubborn cases it is possible to think about a remanufacturing of some really scarce parts. A pattern of the original part would help. In such a case - I think - it is essential to have a tight cooperation.
For example: I was lucky to find a manufacturer which was able to remanufacture the door springs for the Morris Minor. (These springs will also fit other cars from BMC)
So, it is Your choice. Either send an e-mail or just give me a ring. Together we will find a solution for Your problem.

The slogan of my company: 'keep Your cars on the road'.

A lot of feedback showed me, that I am very hard to catch. I am afraid to say, this is true.
So, therefore the following request:
The easiest way to contact me: Just write an e-Mail to Office@PaulParts.at.
On the phone it is quite hard to contact me. If nobody picks up the phone (+41 1 890 1 811) just tell Your wish to the answerphone, I promise, I wil call back - even on weekends.

I am also available on Skype: felix_zrh or felix__vie . Skype also allows messages.

Corporate vision:
Paul Parts is a small one man business. The aim of this business is, to keep the support for small parts and consumables for car restorers alive.
To keep the technical culture goods in working order and as original as possible is the main idea behind Paul Parts. Of course some compromises have to be made in the view of some materials and manufacturing processes.
It also have to be clear the use materials which were used in earlier days which are now known as harmful (i.e. Asbestos) or extemly harmful to the environment (i.e.Freon in airconditionig equipment) have to be strictly avaoided. No matter of the legal requirements.
To keep our historical technical culture goods alife (and not to end in a muesum) also implies a provision for a neccessary restoration in the future. This means to use materials which are the technical state of the art nowadays - as long the original appearance of the restoration object is not disturbed.

Here some examples to make this sentence clear.
*) stainless steel screws with liquid bolt lock.
*) modern rust proofing
*) Paintings which corresponds with the newest technology.

This all make longer intervalls between restorations possible. In consequence our recources will be protected on the long run.
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My Hobby

please have a look of some pictures of my hobby
It is a MGB GT V8 of 1973. I try to keep the car as original as possible. This means I am using spare parts which are produced as close as possible to the original specification. Excluded are parts which are used in safety functions like brakes, tyre....
Just a few months ago I was lucky to get a original 'AC-Delco Remy' alternator which was originally fitted to the car. Here some basic data of my MGB GT V8:
Colour: Glacier White   Capacity: 3500 ccm
Enginenumber: 4860 0789   Horsepower: 132 PS
Carnumber: G2D1 956 D   Consumption: 10.9 l/100km