electrical parts
got a screw loose ?
Then the vehicle is not working properly. This is also the case, when there is something wrong with the electrical system. This then may result in funny effects which can very hard be localised.
This is why it is very important to pay attention even on the small parts. Because oxidised connectors have a higher electrical resistance and therefore will heat up more easily. This power then is missing on the other end of the cable. For example on the main beam lamp. (may be this is why they are sometimes so dim.)
Also it is important to have an eye on the several earthing points. Often the rustworm starts here. It is essential to have earthing points on blank metal.
The relevant connectors can be found here:
Bullet Terminals
its connectors
Lucas Connectors

spark plug terminal

This termnal connects the high tension cable to the spark plug. Just crimp iton the cable.
please use the cap EHTTSP

cap for sparkplug termnal

this is the correct cap for our spark plug terminal EHTSPC
Weight: g

Ignition cable connector

This connector is screwed to that end of the ignition cable, which goes into the distributor or into the high tension plug of the ignition coil.
Weight: g

Cap for ignition cables

This is the cap which fits over the ignition cables which goes on to the distributor conections or ignition coil contacts. This cap not only protects against dust but also isolates the high voltage. This is why the internal part of the connection shall always be clean. Because dust can become moist which may introduce parasitic currents. These parasitic currents then reduces the ignition power.
Weight: g

Connector for 2-step wiper motor.

Fits the two step wiper motor which is fitted in several english cars after approx. 1967
These two step wiper motors is known as part number: GEU7708, GXE7708
Fitted in MGB, Mini, Triumph TR6 etc
If Your wiper motor seems to be a bit tired, then maybe the connection is the cause. The connector includes the corresponding 5 sockets.
An assembly example can be seen at purpose-built item.
Tubular Terminals

Tubular Terminals

Material: Elektrolytcopper, tinned (E-Cu sn)
for Wire: 2,5qmm (AWG 14)
This sort of cabeling is best used for connecting Ground-bolts or components with bolted contacts. The terminal will slip on the stripped wire and can then be crimped. The tool for crimping can be borrowed from PaulParts.
It is possible to solder the terminals to the wire, but this extremly disadvantageous. This because the fluid creeps up the wire and the solder will follow. The result is, that the end of the terminal becomes stiff. Because of vibrations of the vehicle, the wire will then break exactly where the solder stopped in the wire with the result of intermitting electrical faults.
To avoid this effect only a propper crimping with the propper tool will do. It would be a peasure to me to assist You on Your crimping.