custom-made products
During the restauration of my MGand Morris Minor, I recognised there are small parts which are not availableanymore. Even when searching in dark streets, or dusty garages or autojumbles or scrap yards. So, what to do to finish the restauration.
Easy - just find someone with the relevant know-how and do a little engineering and rebuild the thing. This is what I have done.
Here You can find a few mechanical purpose built items and electrical purpose built items.
The target of purpose built items is to make other restorers life easier when offering those rare items.
When re-engieering these purpose built items it is very important to keep an eye on the originality of the finished project. It is essential not to loose the connection to the economical view when having a sight on originality.

It has to be clear, when doing re-engineering on an unavailable product a high effort has to be done to get new drawings, new moulding. Mostly a lot of handcraft has to be done. All this means a higher financial invenstment is necessary.

Purpose built items also are justified when other materials are available to get higher life cycle, less wear or new regulation (i.e. Asbestos)

I am pleased to do new custom made products. Just call or write an e-Mail so we can solve the problem together. It is much of help when a drawing or even better a pattern part - no matter of its condition - is available.