mechanical special parts
These items are made for Morris Minor but some of these parts will also fit to other BMC cars.
First there were some springs (anti rattle spring, door handle spring) made. These were followed by other items.
So, why do You not call or send me an e-mail so we can build Your missing part together.
Just call or send an e-mail so we can clarify the details.

Swivel Pin for Ashtray

The current achtray swivel pin is not the freshest anymore. This because the fitment is not so tight anymore as it was when new.
Be aware: The original fitting set uses spring washers to give the ashtray the soft resistance when siveling. The disadvantage is, that the spring washers will scratch the surface of the ashtray in such a way, that the item is often not usable for reconditioning.
This swivel pin is made of aluminium and comes with suitable nylock nuts and washers. This gives Your ashtray the 'like new' feeling when positioning.
It is required, to widen the hole to exact(!) 8mm - best to pre drill then to ream the hole up to the exact diameter. this because the hole inthe ashtray is not round anymore after these long years of usage.
With this set Your ashtray can be moved to the desired position with the 'like new' soft resistance without any scratching the ashtray surfase. A instruction manual is included in the set.

Ashtray for Morris Minor

This Swivel-Ashtray is used in several Morris Minor cars. Only 2 complete items on stock !!
It is known that this ashtray can be swivelled back under the dash, but as time goes by, this item would not like to stay under the dash.
This offered item is a reconditioned ashtray with a new swivel pin. The swivel pin is described above. The pin with other construction details keeps the ashtray under the dash where it belongs.
The fitting is very simple especially with the included fitting instructions and the necessary fiting material.

When ordering, please be aware, there is a surcharge, which will be refunded, when returning a complete ashtray. If the returned item can be reconditioned the surcharge is refunded without any substractions. If the returned item is not possible to be reconditioned, the item will be returned to the customer and the surcharge will be kept.
Please note: The price is calculated as follows:
Swivel pin complete...€ 14.16
Ashtray...............€ 15.14
Surcharge.............€ 40.-

Morris Minor: HeatShield stainless steel

Heat shield between exhaust silencer and floor pan.
Unipart Number: ACA5170S
This heat shield is made from stainless steel grade A2 and is 1.5mm thick - so it will last very very long....
Additionally the shield is available with several mounting holes. First, just drilled holes, second option with M4 threads and third with UNF10 thread. All these options for the same price. Just put the screws throu the floor pan and that's all.
Other competitor just add some nuts and bolts, and the fixing becomes then a nightmare, because Your hands are too short to grap the screw inside the cab and the nut below outside.

Anti-Rattle Rubber

Rubber 2mm thick, fits from the sill to the top with little spare. (ca 10cm x 112cm)
This rubber is used on the Morris Minor Traveller between the B-Post and the wood. This reduces the possibility of squeeking and rubbing- Because chassis is always moving no matter how tight you will bolt them together.
For the car You will need 2 pcs, therefore the price is for two pcs. (1 Pair)
Weight: g
Anti Rattle Spring Bonnet and Door

Bonnet-Spring for Morris Minor

Morris Minor:
This spring is used as anti rattle spring on the arrangement of rods to open the bonnet. This spring avoids that the rods clashes against each other during driving on bumpy roads.
The same spring is used on the rods in the doors, where the rods are connected to the door catch.
Here the original version of these antirattle springs:

(extract of the workshop manual)
Remark: These springs cannot be reproduced economically in these days.
Weight: g
Locking Spring in Position

Door Lever Spring for MorrisMinor

Locking-spring, Flat spring 4x1.5mm, Material:1.4310 (rust resistant)
This spring fixes the lever - which opens the door from the cab - in a propper position. This spring helps to locate the lever always in the same position after openng the door.
In most cases this spring is broken and the lever just dangle around.
To install the original spring it would be necvessary to open the metal clips which will brake when closing again. So, this spring can be inserted from the top and avoids opening and reclosing teh strong metal clips on the front.
To insert the spring (see red arrow), the door mechanism have to be removed.
The spring itself looks like this: