electrical purpose built items
Special parts for car-electric is a very interesting challenge.
The same is true for electrical special parts as for mechanical special parts - stay to originality as far as economically possible. For me it is very welcome when new modern technology is packed in 'original' parts which Yoou cannot very easy distinguish from the original part. I am thinking of the new electronic distributor which really looks like original. You have to look twice to recognise.
I do not want to start a discussion godd or bad - it is just a matter of taste. I think the best time to install technological 'upgrade' during a restauration.
To name one thing for an 'upgrade' for me was the intermittend screen wiper. Just for the sake of comfort.
Weight: g
Adapter for Smartscreen. Smartscreen not included.


Adapter for 2 step wiper motor.
These 2-step wiper motors are used in MGB from 1972 for example and many other british BMc-cars.
'SMARTSCREEN' is a brand name and owned by the relevant comany. This company produced a intermittend wiper switch which does not need any additional switches. The intermittend function is operated with the available wiper switch.
Only the wiring is described a little complicated. So, I took the chance to rethink of the wiring and build this adapter.
Just pull off the wiring loom from the wiper motor, place the adapter plug where the wiring loom was, connect the adapter wires with the corresponding colours of the wiring loom and fit the 'SMARTSCREEN' where it is suitable for You.
So, You see, not even tools are required. Just two healty hands are enough.

Smartscreen not included. Just write an e-Mail so I can order one for You.
Weight: g
Reverse light switch

Morris Minor: Gearbox switch for reverse light

For Morris Minor 1000, may be also suitable for MGA, Srite Midget, etc.
As You know, the Morris Minor was developed in ca 1948. At this time there were no reverse lights available - not even an idea of it. So, this is why the cars of this time do not have a reverse light. In the 70ties it became fashion to have a reverse light fitted. The aftermarked in this time forced this fashion. The result was, that the traffic regulations were adapted in such a way that it is still required if a reverse light is fitted, it has to be switched on/off automatically (manual switching is not allowed). This makes sure it cannot be forgotten to be switched off when driving in normal traffic.
This is not a point on modern cars, but for cars of earlier generations it is a point to think of.

So, again I did some thinking. The result is an adapter for the Morris Minor gearbox. This gearbox which is also used in other BMC-cars. To fit the adaptor just turn out the relevant screw on the gearbox, screw in the adaptor, connect the wires. This is all.
The gearbox switch is built of mainly 2 parts. First the switch itself, then second the adaptor.
So, if You only need the adaptor, it is also ok for me. Just write an e-mail. (e-mail address can be found here: Contact)
The complete set consists of:
  • Adapter
  • Switch
  • some small items