Hex Head BSF
BSF hexHead, Stainless A2
BSF - Set Screws
The set screws and nuts are in two versions of steel available.
The stainless version is made of A2(V2).
The zinc-plated version is made of High Tensile Grade R (Metric Equivalent 8.8) steel.
This thread (BSF) was used in british cars until 1950, then they changed to UNF. UNF then stayed until the seventies. After about 1975 new develpoments were made with the now standard 'M' (metric) thread.
For me it is amazing that the BSF thread is still needed and therefore produced - even in stainless steel.
Because of queries from many customers we added nuts and other zinc plated BSF items to our program.

BSF - HexHead Set Srews

BSF - Hex Nuts

BSF - HexHead Set Srews (zinc-plated)

BSF - Hex Nuts (zinc-plated)