Treasure Chest
Here You can find some special parts which are not usual to Paul Parts but may be of interest for restorers. (extension of Your garage, workshop...).
The prices listed here are just a suggestion. Just give an offer what You think this part is worth.

These products are occasionaly <used>. If such an article is used, it will be marked clearly.
There are a few special agreements for the items in the Treasure Chest:

  • NO replacement or changeover
  • NO withdrawal
  • The usage of these products is the only responsibility of the user himself / herself and of his/hers own risk
  • Every liability in any form is excluded.

Screens for BMC1100

Front and Rear screen of a BMC1100 USED
These screens were dismantled from a MG1300. This MG had the same chassis as the standard BMC1100/1300 of BritishLeyland in the late 60ies.
The same chassis had the Morris 1300GT which was my first car. (the best I ever had - beside my original MGB GTV8 which I now own)

BMC1300GT: Exhaust

Exhaust including manifold USED

Some papers and magazines in english and german language

Papers, magazines U S E D
Basically there are Clubmagazines from MG-Owners-Club, Morris-Minor-Owners-Club, etc.. of several years.
It is just a pitty to give these magazines to the recycling......

Here the list of the magazines and the years

Enjoying MG (12 Hefte / Jahr)
Clubmagazin des MG Owners Club (GB)
 2005 ...
 ... 2016
Minor Matters (6 Hefte / Jahr)
Clubmagazin des Morris Minor Owners Club
... 06 
 2006 ...
 ... 2016
RR-Bulletin (6 Hefte / Jahr)
Clubmagazin des Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club
01 ... 
... 06 
 2005 ...
 ... 2016

Austro Classic (6Hefte/Jahr)
... 06 

All these magazines would NOT be shipped seperately; Collection possible.
If You place an order, just name the magazine and Year and the corresponding item wil be shipped with Your order without any additional shipping costs.