Lamps & Fuses
To get the common used lamps is easy to get in the next supermarket. But the little special lamps which are used in the direction indicator lever, are hard to get. This little lamps were fitted in the indicator lever of the Mini, Morris Minor and other cars.
Even the tiny lamps for the KTM Pony which are used for illuminating the speedometer are found on this page....
Now it is easy to get them as the other lamps just scroll down.
You also can find the fuses which were used on some pre war modells of Rolls Royce. This fuses are very very near the original specification of the part number: D51250
If You need some other parts just send an e-mail and we will find a solution. The e-mail addres can be found at: Contact page.

Pilot Lamp 6V/250mA

Lenght: 31mm
Diameter: 6mm
can also be used as dial lamp of older radio receiver

ATTENTION: Don't get mix up with  fuses !

Weight: g

Festoon-Lamp 12V/5W

Data: 12V/5W Diameter: 11mm, Length: 39mm
These Lamps are used for interior and numberplate illumination.
These lamps are also known under the following UniPart-numbers:
  • GLB239 5W MGB Interior
  • BFS254, 2H9504, 13H478 5W Morris Minor Interior
Weight: g

Festoon-Lamp 12V/10W

Data: 12V/10W Diameter: 11mm, Length: 39mm
These Lamps are used for common illumination.
Weight: g

Festoon-Lamp 12V/18W

Data: 12V/18W Diameter: 11mm, Length: 39mm
This 18W-version of these lamps are also used for reversing light, brake or flasher lights.
This lamp is known under the following UniPart-number:
GLB273 18W MGB reversing light (67-on)
Weight: g
Midget Lamp E05 Thread


E05 Thread-diameter: 5mm
This small midget lamp is used as a warning lamp / indicator lamp in Morris Minors, early Mini and other BMC cars.
  • BFS280, 27H5388 Morris Minor
These cars have their flasher indicator lamp in the indicator stalk integrated in such a way that the end of the indicator-stalk flashes when the indicator is on.
Beside this, this lamp also can be used for modell trains, modell cars etc.
We have chosen a 14V lamp, because the operating voltage on the cars is more than the 12V. This increases the lifetime of the small lamp enormous.
Weight: g
Bayonet mount 7mm

Lamp BA7s

12 V / 2 W; Bayonet mount 7mm
This sort of lamps are used for instrument iluminating on the dash and elswhere in the car.
  • BFS281, GLB281 instrument lightning
Weight: g
E10 thread (left) / BA9s socket (right)

Lamp E10 / BA9s

E10 thread with approx. 10mm diameter
BA9s bayonet mount socket with approx. 9mm diameter
This lamp with tread is similar to GLB987
And can be found in several BMC (British Leyland) cars as warning lights and dash illuminatings.
The lamp is used in the following makes:(not a complete list)
  • MG TD/TF B, Midget
  • Land Rover
  • in nearly the complete Triumph range
  • Mini
  • Jaguar
Weight: g
Glass-Fuse 5x25mm

Glass Fuse

Weight: g

Glass Fuse 7A

Rating: 7A
Diameter: 6.3mm
Lenght: 25 mm (1/4" x 1")
Similar to Rolls-Royce spare part No: D51250