Lucar Connector / FastOn
These connectors are used in most 'continental' cars.
Even in industrial applications are these connectors a widely used connection methode.
These terminals are availablel in the following sizes, but please note not every size is on stock.
2.8mm, 4.8mm, 6.3mm (1/4") and 9.5mm
There are several names for this connection type: Lucar-Connector, Lucas-Connector, FastOn, Flachstecker, ...
Weight: g

Lucar Terminal (FastOn) / Flange Type

This 6.3mm FastOn - flange type connector is often used for connectors with difficult access.
for wires up to 2.5qmm,
material: Ms, blank
Weight: g

Lucar Connector insulation (FastOn) / flange type

The insulation has to be placed on the wire before the connector is crimped.
This insulation fits EF6325A
FastOn 9,5mm, 4,8mm

Lucar Terminal (FastOn)

This connector is available for different wire gauges with or without notch.
The FastOn with notch are capable for connector housings.
It is essential to get the crimping right. This is only possible with a proffessional tool. Otherwise a higher loss of voltage (=power =heat) on the terminal itself appears. This power then is missing on the connected equipment.
Weight: g

Lucar Connector (FastOn) Reduction

FastOn reduction from 6.3mm (female) => 4.8mm (male)
This reduction is placed onto a 6.3mm male to get a 4.8mm male connection.

Lucar Connector male (FastOn)

Male-Terminal for crimping
Lucar Connector insulation

Lucar Connector insulation (FastOn)

The insulation has to be placed on the wire before the connector is crimped.
The soft plastic parts are first pushed over the cable. Then the connector has to be crimped and afterwards the sleeve pulled over the ready crimped connector.
Only the hard cover for the 6.3mm FastOn is pushed over the ready crimped connector. A soft click can be felt when the cover fits in its position.

Junction (FastOn)

Is used to duplicate the available connection
This junction is very helpful when it comes to fit additional equipment.

Earth / Ground connection (FastOn)

The holes are made for 3.5mm self tapping screw
These items are used to get a good connection to the chassis of the vehicle. The chassis of the vehicle is mostly made of steel which is an electrical conductor.
But be aware: not every steel part of the vehicle is good enough for an earth point. Often some parts are only bolted to the 'mainframe' of the vehicle, so the current have to 'creep' over the thread of the bolts which in turn causes loss of voltage (=power). Better is to find a part which is welded to the 'mainframe' where the battery is connected. This guaranties to have the whole iron available as conductor which then have a high cross section which in turn have a very low electrical resistance and very low voltage drop.
It is obvious that the earth point have to be made on a blank metal (rust protection with Zink spray).
6.3mm blase, UNF1/4 hole

Earth / Ground connection (FastOn, stainless-A2)

The holes are made for M6 or UNF1/4" screws.

These items are used to get a plug connection on a bolted connection. For example on the starter relay.
Please be aware: referr to the remark at the product above when the item shall be used as propper ground connection.