CASTROL products
SPECIAL OFFER for 5Litre can of 20W50 and XL30 while stock last

Castrol products are available since about 100 yeas now. This does not mean that these products are as old, moreover it means the advantage of new technologies to produce greasing products with the same specification and additives as it was when our vehicles were new.
Just like in earlier days Castrol supplies not only the (historical) racing but also our simple 'standard' engines.
This is a big benifit for the owner of historical engines (car, boat, agricultural, etc) where only the best is good enough to keep the old engines happy.

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Lead replacement with Octane booster


EngineOil XL 20W-50
GearBoxOil EP80W 90

Hydraulic Fluids

developed for RR & Bentley

for common use
This oils are sold in cooperation with the following workshop:
KFZ-Service Dolezal [Wolfgang M├╝hlwagner-Strasse 28, 1220 Wien] Mobile: +43 (0)699 117 52 234 e-Mail
Weight: g
XL 30 in der 5Liter Kanne

Castrol Classic Motor OIL SAE 30

single use engine oil for classic cars up to 1960.
Always sufficent reserve with this usfull and decorative 5 litre canister.

Product information: Castrol Classic Motor OIL SAE 30 (German language)

Oil Jug

Oil jug for 1/2 pint[UK] (approx 0.3litre)
Not only a piece of jewellery for every period garage, but also an extrem usable piece. So You can protect Your engine from dripping oil over it when just refilling or filling up after a oilchange.