Rust Protection
Rust protection is the alpha and omega of restoring a vehicle properly. Not only You can enjoy longer the hobby even the value of the vehicle will stay constant.
So, it is abolutely essential not only protect it on the outer panels also the protection on inner surfaces - for example tank inner surfaces - is essential.

Often the bigest problem is to get a better fuel tank than the one which is in use because the actual fuel tank is not available new anymore and there is no scrap yard "at hand". Just beside this, sometimes the new avalialbe fuel tanks do not exactly are the same as the original ones. For example the drain bolt on the bottom of the tank is missing at the new available ones.
The only solution is to restore the original one.
C A U T I O N !!
Petrol fumes are heavier than air and collects at the deepest point in Your garage. For Example in Your garage pit.
So, if You want to blow up Your garage, and want to smoke Your last cigarette, just let it fall down on the deepest point of your garage - best is in the pit. And for sure this would be Your last cigarette.

Now to get serious:
It is easy to restore a rotted fuel tank with this tank sealer.
First remove the tank from the car - it's then much easier to work.
Then fill the tank with the garden hose completely with water. This is exreme essential, to get rid of the dangerous petrol fumes.
The next thing is to clean the tank internally - please refer to the using instructions included in the box.
Afterwards fill in the tank sealer, turn the tank in such a way that the tank sealer can cover the whole inner surface completely. Then let the stuff dry the longer the better. I kept mine for a week hanging on the loft. - finished.
Yes this is it.

As always the devil is in the details.
Cleaning internally might be a challenge. One way is, if You have a friend with a electro plating shop. He then might put the tank into a bath to get rid of the external painting and the internal rust flakes.

A description of the necessasry work to be done can be found HERE in the users manual of the tank sealer kit.
Weight: g
Fertan 1L


FERTAN is on the market for a long time now. (app. 20years)
FERTAN is a liquid for treating, killng the rustworm which is eating our cars away. This rustworm is a result of reaction between iron (Ferrum) and the oxygen in the air - called oxidation.
Because FERTAN is a ready to use water-based product, the area which has to be treated has to be clean. This means, the area have to be cleaned of all durt and debris additionally the area have to be free of grease, silicone etc. some rusty parts is no problem. It is an advantage to remove all the loose rusty flakes for example with a wirebrush. Then You can flush the area with water. Then FERTAN can brushed, sprayed even onto the moisty area.
The waterbased dissolution requires a working temperature of higher than +5C. After a reaction time of 24 to 48 hours the area can be flushed again with water.
It is obvious to let the area thoroughly dry before the next step.
Also it is essential to protect the area within 6 months with conventional protectors (like WaxOil, Paint or others of Your choice).
Please find more technical Information here:
Weight: g


Application rate approximately:
113 ml (4 oz) 10 Liter Tank
226 ml (8 oz) 20 Liter Tank
0,46 l (1 Pint) 40 Liter Tank
0,96 l (1 Quart) 96 Liter Tank