Castrol Classic 20W50
SPECIAL OFFER for the 5Litre-can 20W50 and XL30 while stock last

CASTROL CLASSIC is still manufactured according to the original old recipe. This oil is used for vehicles which were biult between the 60ies and the 80ies. Beside all this several user instructions, workshopmanuals recommends this oil fo whole year use.
Castrol Classic 20W-50 is a good conventional multiusage engine oil for al over performance. This engine oil is made of high quality mineral oil with specialy selected additives which suits the technologie of the old engines well.
This oil fulfills the requests / specifications of several producers of cars and motorbikes for all day use, but NOT for vehicles with catalytic converters.
The main usage are vehicles which were built before the 80ies. This vehicles requires products with aedequate additives.
  • Used in cars in whole year
  • Used in manual gearboxes
  • Motorbikes
Product-description: Produckt Data Sheet (PDS)
Safety sheet: Safety Data sheet (SDS)
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Castrol Classic 20W-50 5 litre

This 5 Litre-Can is ideal for the reguarly oilchance. Because You are an environmentaly aware driver and/or owner You let Your workshop do the oilchange. If Your workshop does not have this engine oil on stock, You can buy it here and provide it to Your workshop. We are pleased to tell You and Your workshop about the advantages of this engine oil.
I would recommend, to pick up this item by Your own, to avoid the high shipping costs because of the weight.
Just by the way: This 5Litre-Can with its classic design will be a piece of jewellery in every garage.
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Castrol Classic 20W50 1litre

1 Litre-Can. Ideal for carring it in Your boot, for refilling on the journey.
The classic desingn shows the connection to the classic car scenery - and looks good in Your garage.