GearBoxOil EP 80W90
Castrol Manual EP 80W-90 is a mineral based fluid suitable for use in applications where API GL-4 performance is required. Approved for use in ZF manual transmissions.
In other words it means that Castrol Manual EP 80W-90 is a multigrade gearbox oil for manual gearboxes an diferentials where the manufacturer of the gearboxes requests the use of oils with high pressure properties. (EP= Extreme pressure)
  • High thermal stability protects against deposit formation and oil thickening maintaining the life and performance of lubricant and transmission.
  • Good antiwear and load carrying characteristics extend the life of components.
Product description: Produckt Data Sheet (PDS),
Safety Datascheet: Safety Data sheet (SDS)
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Castrol Manual EP 80W-90

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