RR363 1Liter
RR 363
The hydraulic fluid for Rolls Royce ;& Bentley of production year 1965 - 1980.
REMARK: Do NOT use this hydraulik fluid for systems which normaly use the green hydraulik / brake fluid
RR363 is exclusively manufactured for Rolls Royce and Bentley vehicles.
I strongly recommend to read the Product Data sheet befor use.
Some notes for Citroen users:
RR363 may be used instead of LHS2 in Citroen-Modells (Modells before 1966) with the black reservoir. Please also read the Product Data sheet befor use.
Some writing from the internet:
RR363 as a replacement of LHS. This Castrol fluid may be used as a replacement of "LHS red". But before use the whole system has to be emptied completely and only then the system can be filled up with RR363.
This writing comes from:

Remark: As other brakefluids so also RR363 may have negative effects on car paintings. If some fluid ewas splashed over some car painting, just flush the corresponding erea with water and please do not wipe over it.

Product-Description Product Data sheet (PDS),
Safety datasheet: Safety Data sheet (SDS)
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RR 363 hydraulic fluid

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