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Basically, PaulParts uses the Autrian Post but not exclusively for shipping.
Paul Parts always searches for the cheapest way for shipping methode individually for each dispatch. (please referr to Chapter 4.3 in our Terms and Conditions.)

It is not possible to send the small goods like nuts and washers in an normal letter envelope. This because the nuts and bolts in the letters makes the letter not readable for the 'machines'. (whatever that means)
This is why Paul Parts sends small parcels.
Mostly the <PAKET Marke>is the cheapest rate. At time of ordering, the exact measurements of the parcel to ship is unknown. To work around this mishap, we are calculating the middle of the pay scale for shipping.
If the real price differs from this calculated value, then the difference will be considered at the final statement. In case the final statement will show a credit item, then you will get the money back which You have payed too much.

The prices and the calculation of <PAKET Marke> can be seen on the following link:
You don't have to click anything there. This link is just to support You with information how Paul Parts calculates its shipping costs.
The other possibility for sending is the traditional <PARCEL>-tariff.
The calculator for the parcel rate of the Austrian Post can be found here:  
(sorry, only German language available)
These tariffs are seperated in 1A and 1B categories by the Post. To know which county is in which category, please visit:

All these rates are available in the 'Terms and Conditions of the Austrian Post office.
The up-to-date Terms and Conditions of the Austrian Post office are available on the following link: