These cables used to be 'the end' on the wiring loom. In reality these cables are the interfacte between the component and the wiring loom.
These 'interfaces' are the same on nearly all the british biult cars from the 40ies to the 70ies.
These cables are configurated as 'pig tail'. This means, the one end fits to the component, the other end fits to the wiring loom.
for example:
The one end is fitted with a connector which fits to the headlight lamp (3 terminal FastOn connector) and the other end is fitted with the propper bullet terminals which fits exactly to the wiring loom.
This means it is very easy to change the rotten cable with a new one. Just connect the cables with the same colour to each other.

It is very advisable to change also the Bullet Connectors during this action.


Those cables have a similar insulation as they had in the 60ies and 70ies. Inside the cables there are 14 single wires with a diameter of 0.3mm. As the supplier said, these calble are suitable to currents up to 8A. This means approx. 8Ax12V=96W.
Please Note: Watt div Volt ==> Ampere
Example: (Flasher lamp) 21W div 12V = 1.75A
Weight: g
Headlamp Cable

Head Lamp Pig Tail

This cable connects the headlamp (Bilux or H4) to the car wiring loom.
The head lamp is connected with the standard 3-pin head lamp connector. This connestor suits the standard Bilux lamps and the H4 halogen haead lamps.
Cable colours Blue-White High Beam
Blue-Red Dip Beam
Black Carbody Ground

The other end of the cable is made to fit to the cars wiring loom with its Bullet Terminals.
For connection either single pole Bullet connectors (EBC1) or 2-pole (EBC2) Bullet Connectors are necessary.
The following items are included:
  • single or double bullet connectors - please tick the relevant item in the box above
  • The connection to the carbody ground.
  • Grommet through the headlamp casing
  • Grommet through the inner wing.
  • Wire protection against dirt.