Fixings Plastik
Plastic material is commonly used in the car manufacturing industry.
These fixings can hold Your emblem on Your car or several hoses or pipes fixed to the chassis.
Badge holder


Badgeholder are used for fixing the maufacturer-logo on the car (Emblem) or other auxiliary components.
For example these items are used for fixing the chromed air inlet frame below the windscreen on the MGB. This item is also known under the part numbers: 134217, GHF1531
Weight: g
Snap-In Nut 3/16 x 5/32

Snap-In nut 3/16 x 5/32

Snap-In nut for rectanguar fixing hole: 3/16 x 5/32 (ca 4mm x 4,7mm). Suitable self tapping screws No12 or No14 (not available at PaulParts).
These Snap-In uts are used in British-Leyland cars and Rover, Triumph, etc...
Unipart Number: GHF1027
Weight: g
Snap-In Nut 3/8 x 3/8

Snap-In Nut 3/8 x 3/8

This Snap-In nut is used in many british cars.
for example for fixing the door handle or the windscreen-wiper motor in Minis.

This Snap-In nut is known under the following part numbers:
  • CZG782 (Austin Morris)
  • 626733 (Standard, Triumph)
  • GHF1029 (Unipart)