Edge and Cable Clips
These Clips are used for fixing cables and pipes in the car industry.
EdgeClips to attatch pipes and cables on the edge of sheet metal.
CableClamp (CableClip) to keep the cables (pipes) in place on flat surfaces.
Weight: g

Clip for armored cables

This clip is used for fixing armored cables. Usually these clips can be found in Citroen 2CV vehicles. There they are used for fixing the heating control cables.
Also at FORD vehicles these clips were seen...
Weight: g

Clip 1G9529

This Clip can be found in the following vehicles:
MGB, MGC, Sprite, Midget, Mini, Healy
Fixing the capillary tube of the temperature feeler on several chassis items or engine parts.
This item is also known as BHA4081
Weight: g
Cable Edge Clip

Cable Edge Clip

Max pipediameter: approx: 4.8mm (3/16)
Max sheet thicknes: approx. 1.7mm ... 2.6 mm
These clips are attached to a edge on the chassis or other sheet metal where they stick with theyr claws.
Then the small pipes (petrolpipes, brakepipes) or cable harness can be cliped into.
Mostly used for (CuNiFer) petrol pipes which goes across the car.
Material: spring steel
surface: blackned
Weight: g
CableClip 8mm

CableClip 8mm

Max.Cablediameter: 8mm
Max. Screw: ca 4mm
Material: Steel, nickel plated

L =9,2mm
A =3,8mm
N =4,2mm
G =4,8mm
B =8mm
H =8mm
S =0,8mm

For other dimensions please ask: office(at)PaulParts.at