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Hose Clamp
This Hose Clamp Clip is available in severals different diameters.
Material: spring steel zinc plated.
This Hose Clamp is used for a good sealed connection to several small hoses like windscreen wascher system or sme petrol hoses connections.
The fixing is dead easy. First, the hose clamp is threaded onto the hose. Then the hose is put onto the component (i.e. Wascher pump). The two extensions of the hose clamp have to be griped with pliers and squeezed against each other. Thereby the inner diameter expands. In this sitiation the hose clip can be put over the connected hose and then the pliers can be released. Because the hose clamp is made of spring steel, it goes back to its designed diameter and locks the hose onto the component safely.

Hoce Clamp 6 mm

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