Clips Metal
Fixings made of metall are often used for fitting the interior trim. Especially these clips are / were used for invisible fitting of the door pannels.
Those little helpers are also used for fitting the lettering on the carbody.
Unfortunately we cannot keep all these little clips on stock.
Just ask. If these Items are somewhere available we will find it and get it for You.
If these Items are not available, it is possible to reproduce them if a pattern is available. The production will be made in Vienna.
Weight: g

Clip BD24953 for Jaguar

Used for interior trim in many Jaguar models. For example in MK II, XJS..
also suits BMW 501
This clip is made fromrust resistan material (Material Number: 1.4310)with a thickness of 0,55mm.
Special care was taken not only to get the original measuremensts right, but also to make the spring force coorect to te available original pattern. This springs are made in Vienna.
Weight: g

Clip for Jaguar (Set)

This set consists of 24pcs of the clip: BD24953 which is intended for the use in Jaguar models like MK II for interior trim on B and C-post.
Description of the clip see single clip.
Spring Retainer Clip FCF7240

Spring Retainer Clips

These spring retainer clips are used in most of British Leyland cars like MG, Morris Minor, Mini etc.
Given measurments are only basic.

Interior Clip

Please note the measurements in the pictures nearby. (given measurments are only basic)
The type for 2mm (0.100") board is used at least in the following makes: Triumph Herald, Spitfire, TR6, GT6, Jaguar, Minor 1000.
The type for 3mm (0.110") board is used at least in the following makes: Austin/Morris (BL) Maxi, MG.
Weight: g

Push On Fix f. 3mm shaft

These clips are for common usage. They are used for fixing the lettering on the carbody or hold the lining at some iterior places.

Push On Fix f. 4mm shaft

Weight: g

Push On Fix f. 5mm Stift